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“I have known Denny Matte for over 20 years. He has managed my money safely & conservatively. He & I are both not high risk takers. If you are looking for somebody you can trust, Denny should be your man.”

 – Dr. Arthur Greenspoon- 

“A steady hand. My wife has been a client of Denny Matte’s for almost two decades and I for almost a decade. We began our relationship at a point in my life when my investment goals were three: income generation, modest appreciation, and capital preservation. With Mr. Matte’s guidance, these goals have been consistently achieved during relatively calm market periods as well as during periods of extreme volatility. Further, he and his team have always been responsive to any questions she or I may have, handling all matters with a balance of professional and personal service.”

–Larry Horwitz & Karen Rowantree-

“Je connais M. Denny Matte depuis environ 30 ans. C’est lui qui gère tous mes actifs depuis cette époque. Je peux affirmer sans l’ombre d’un doute que grâce à lui, j’ai surmontée la crise financière de 2007. Grâce a ses clarifications et a ses analyses méticuleuses autant que judicieuses, ce que j’apprécie ce sont ses contacts régulier pour faire le point sur la situation. Son professionnalisme et son savoir faire m’assure une tranquillité d’esprit très sécurisante. ”

-Dr. Gilles Baril-

“I have known Denny Matte for 10 years. I have always found him to be friendly, cooperative, intelligent and wise. His decisions have enabled me to have a program which is stable and progressive. My financial objectives have been maintained and have made it possible for me to maintain my needs.”

-Manuel Batshaw-

“I have known Denny for approximately 15 years. In that time I have always been impressed with his professionalism and his ability to understand my needs. Even in 2007 my returns were on the positive side. I am also quite busy in business and I rely on him to make financial decisions for me and he has done very well for me and continues to do so. I highly recommend him for the above reasons. He is also very approachable and a decent human being.”

-Irwin Fried-

“Le temps passe si vite” – il ya certainement au moins vingt-cinq ans et plus que j’ai le plaisir et l’honneur de confier la gestion de mon portefeuille a M. Denny Matte. Malgré toutes mes inquiétudes durant la crise financière de 2007, sa franchise, son honnêteté, sa grande écoute et sa disponibilité de son temps à me donner les explications nécessaires, ont pu me rassurer. J’apprécie son professionnalisme, et sa compétence. Toujours disposé au dialogue, sa compréhension et son respect porté au dossier, me gardent dans une totale confiance. Dans une recherche d’un conseiller en placements, je vous souhaite une copie conforme en la personne intègre, honnête, professionnelle : Monsieur Denny Matte. ”

-Irma Gaumont-

“I have had the pleasure to know Denny Matte for over 20 years. What comes to mind when I think of Denny is knowledge, experience, integrity, down to earth, and peace of mind. Among other things, he helped transition my late parents into a secure, central investment situation. Prior to Denny’s intervention, they were invested and banking all over. He gained their trust and helped with their last wishes. Denny has also helped steer us through several rough markets with confidence and credibility. For all these reasons, I admire Denny Matte.”

-Dr. Stephen Cymet-

“Denny Matte was introduced to me about 15 years ago by my father. Since then, Denny has handled the finances of three generations of our family. In 2000, when the high-tech business I was partaking in was sold to an American firm, Denny came up with a sophisticated plan to protect my newfound assets from the impending bursting of the tech bubble. Shares of the firm acquiring our business are now worth 1/100 of what they were worth 11 years ago. Denny has without a doubt made the difference between a comfortable retirement, and missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Since then Denny has masterfully maximized my family’s assets, keeping a stead hand on the tiller through one financial crisis after another. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.”

-Michael Lapointe-

“It is a pleasure to summarize my dealings with Denny Matte and his team during the past 20 years during which he has been my investment advisor. His portfolio management skills are outstanding, in that he has tailored his advice to my changing circumstances before and after retirement, and has managed to steer the portfolio very skilfully even during the most adverse economic times. He and his team are always efficient and polite, and ready to give advice and answer questions on financial problems. I have recommended his services to all my family and friends, and am happy to recommend him most enthusiastically to anyone looking for an Investment Advisor.”

-Dr. Adi Eisenberg-

“Denny Matte has been our financial consultant for the last 20 years. The reason we have stayed with him is that he is conservative and well prepared. He has a conservation game plan and stuck to it through thick and thin. During the numerous economic downturns, we were safe and did well. His cautious and conservative approach allowed us to sleep well at night. His honesty, sincerity and knowledge in many financial areas are well appreciated.”

-Dr. Jerold Brittan-