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Specialized leadership for affluent investors


Affluent people often lead busy, demanding lives. I provide strategic, tailored wealth management to help you make wise financial decisions so you can concentrate on enjoying life, knowing that your wealth is protected and growing for you and your family to enjoy for generations. 

The advantages of working with me include:

Insight and understanding. With a background as a financial analyst, 25 years of experience and a track record that is among the best in the business, my clients rightfully expect and trust me to advise them on how to invest wisely. Yet, the best client is an informed client: I ensure people understand their investments, as well as the market and economic factors that influence them, so they are less likely to feel stress or abandon sound strategies at the worst moment.

I will ensure you are educated and comfortable about your assets and how we are managing them in context of the countless opportunities that exist in today's investment world.


Transparency and quality. My clients own investments directly and can see how they are performing. I select blue-chip, high-yield, dividend-bearing securities that build strong, income-generating portfolios designed to perform even through market downturns.


I am current, informed and connected. I find my own opportunities and am never diverted from my disciplined strategies by headlines or the behaviour of the herd. I read everything I can to remain current and informed and have valuable connections forged over many years in the industry.


Value. Working only with ultra-high net worth clients, I am able to purchase securities in large volumes to obtain better prices so that my investors keep more of their capital invested and earning money.