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My Proven Investment Process


With a collaborative and highly personalized approach, my team and I follow a four-step approach to wealth management

I      Profiling.

Through in-depth discussion and analysis with you, I create a detailed profile of your financial situation, time horizon, risk tolerance level, goals, and expectations. Together, we identify and define your real needs and desires, what you worry about and what is very important to you.

II     Proposal.

In this phase, I prepare an individualized proposal that acts as a roadmap for your financial journey. I essentially design a set of financial blueprints that help us to identify where you are, where you are going and how you will get there. The proposal incorporates our asset allocation strategy recommendation and outlines our service and communication commitments.

III    Implementation.

At this point, I select investments to implement the asset allocation recommendation outlined in the proposal. As I construct the portfolio during this phase, I ensure that each holding is aligned with your risk and return objectives. I liaise with your team of professional advisors to coordinate, fine tune and implement your financial strategy.

IV    Review.

My team and I monitor your portfolio carefully and make adjustments and refinements as necessary. This ensures that you stay on track — probably one of the most difficult aspects of successful investing.


We will accomplish this through regular contact, periodic reporting and the guidance to help you stay committed to your plan during extreme periods. I will meet with you on a monthly basis — or as often as you prefer, by appointment — to discuss your investments, the markets and any individual circumstances that may impact your portfolio.
Every quarter, we provide you with a quarterly performance report that summarizes the individual securities held in your portfolio. Also, each month in which a transaction has been made, you will receive a monthly statement.

Plan the dive... dive the plan

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