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Consummate Wealth Management Services


You have accumulated wealth by working hard and demonstrating confidence. Understanding and sharing the values that drive you, and supported by many years’ experience, I manage your wealth through a disciplined, balanced, conservative team approach so your every investment need is satisfied.

My top priority at all times is preserving your capital by minimizing risk and taxes while maximizing opportunity. Knowing your family and unique needs extremely well enables me to work with you and your heirs to transfer your wealth to the next generation seamlessly and ensure it remains well protected.

Remaining your single point of contact, I will co-ordinate and simplify your finances so that your wealth enhances your life instead of complicating it. I will liaise with your lawyer, tax accountant, insurance specialist, and estate planner and combine their efforts into one cohesive strategy to save you time, duplication and confusion.

I keep my clientele small and select to remain available to provide you with highly personalized attention. Working by appointment, I am happy to meet with you every month or two — or on a frequency that meets your needs — to touch base and keep you informed.

Although you may lead a busy, complex life, I will keep your investments simple and traditional, focusing on blue-chip, high-quality securities of established companies and eschewing alternative investments such as derivatives. My motto is to play by the book — but always use the book. 

Tailored Service

Le Matte Team share's a unified goal of ensuring you are well taken care of at all times. My commitment is to help you make smart investment decisions and coordinate your team of professional advisors.

Having a dedicated assistant managing my administrative hub ensures you always receive excellent service and a timely response to your needs. Everyone on our team is familiar with you and your portfolio, so you are always able to reach someone who can respond quickly.

Above all, our focus is on your satisfaction and success, which we achieve by putting your interests first at all times. This approach has won us many strong and trusting relationships.

The Client Experience

Fellow of CSI       Chartered Investment Manager



Wealth Management

Understanding and sharing the values that drive you, I manage your wealth through a disciplined, balanced, conservative team approach so your every investment need is satisfied.

Brokerage Accounts

You may open brokerage accounts, do Foreign Exchange transactions and hold securities in the following currencies:

$ - CAD    $ - USD    € - EURO    £ - GBP 





Estate Planning

Providing you with strategic, tailored wealth management to help you make wise financial decisions so you can concentrate on enjoying life, knowing that your wealth is protected and growing for you and your family to enjoy for generations.